DEATH IS A RIDDLE: “Would you trust a cat?” – A string of dead men with mutilated genitals seems to be the work of a very clever seductress and vigilante called Lechat. When she sets her sights on a paraplegic professor, ‘her game’ truly hots up.

Chief inspector Jesse Lacroix was enjoying the quiet life, making plans with his soon-to-be wife, until all hell broke loose: a released convict is found hanging dead in his home after reuniting with his beloved spouse. The CEO of a successful business is discovered lifeless and naked on the sofa of his office. A city legislator is murdered in his room at the town hall.

The only, and obvious suspect is the seemingly cunning, and stunning Lisanne Lechat; a fitness instructor and independent marketing expert with a sordid past. When a university professor becomes a target, an incredible cat and mouse game ensues and only time can intervene.

But Lacroix doesn’t have time. With his fiancé soon returning to America, with his boss impatient for results, with a team member becoming romantically involved with the suspect, and with the knowledge the professor is in danger, he could very much do with a time-machine…

DEATH IS A RIDDLE is an extraordinary story containing massive twists to keep you on the edge of your seat at every page turn.


He couldn’t believe he was dying.

But worse and more immediately disturbing was the disgusting taste in his mouth: blood, sweat and God knows what else. He wished he could spit and clear his mouth, but it was impossible. The obstruction was lodged too deep, and he lacked the strength. 

Sapped of energy, sapped of breath but now, at last, sapped of pain. All his senses were slowly disappearing. Feeling had gone. So had his eyesight. Everything was silent, and all that remained were his taste and smell. Strange that the least relevant senses were the last to go. Perhaps they consumed the smallest amount of energy.

But it was hardly pertinent anymore. He guessed it was just a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds, before he would pass out. He had given up fighting, given up any hope of survival, given up understanding why. 

It just was.


Availability expected February 2020