What would you do?” – Terrorists in Florida kidnap a group of young Belgian tourists who are forced a choice of two evils: Punish a stranger in a wheelchair, or punish a friend from within the group.

Angry at the world and with nothing to lose, a group of callous hijackers force their hostages to draw straws, with the one choosing the longest having to complete an assignment, while the one selecting the short straw awaits their fate if they do not.

Amongst the captives is Bart Chimay, the son of detective Gilbert Chimay, an ex beat-cop and a seasoned man of brawn. With his son in danger, Gilbert will stop at nothing to rescue him. But without understanding the language and having never been to America, let alone the brutal tropics of deepest Florida, Gilbert Chimay will need all the help he can get.

This help comes in the form of Jesse Lacroix and Lita Sahin from the Belgian homicide division, who accompany Chimay in an effort to avert a national catastrophe abroad. Supported and guided by local and national law reinforcement, the joint-forces team need to find the prisoners and anarchists before all hell breaks loose!

DEATH IS A CHALLENGE is another belting page-turner by FAAS KRAMER, guaranteed to shock, excite and move, while at the same time offering a refreshing vision on disabilities.


“Mr Sayers? Mr Alwyn Forest Sayers?”

“You can call me Al,” he responded wryly. He’d said this so often that he almost sang it. Like Paul Simon. Perhaps he would have, if he wasn’t in such a foul mood.

“I am Officer Pilkington from the Fort Myers Police Department. I’d like to ask you a few questions.” Following Sayer’s affirmative nod the officer added, “It seems you’re lucky to be alive!”

“I don’t feel like it.”

“I’m not surprised. You have second degree burns all over the front of your body.”

“Well it’s a good thing I don’t feel that much then,” said Sayers sarcastically. “But my face feels like hell. As if Lucifer is pissing in my face. So what happened? I think I passed out at some stage.”

“You were found on Fort Myers beach at five p.m.. You were unconscious, dehydrated and alone. And the latter, Mr Sayers, is what has me concerned.”

“No kidding…”

Ignoring the remark, the policeman continued, “According to your records, you are a tetraplegic with little to no feeling, nor movement below the neck and so you have no control of your arms and legs.”

“Really..,” said Sayers with as much sarcasm as he could muster without the risk of arrest, “If you had asked, I could have told you the same. Save you having to look-up and read my records…”

The police officer ignored the remark again and shuffled from one foot to the other. He extracted a notepad from his breast pocket and flipped through his notes. Not that he needed them. 

“Now Mr Sayers, please tell me. If you cannot walk, if you cannot crawl, how the hell did you get on that beach…?”


Another great page turner by Faas – Already looking forward to the next one. Xander Hendricks, Australia – December, 2016

I’ve read you second book. The writing is better however I could “feel” what the end would be. But excellent ideas in it. You have a lot of imagination! Who the hell would build such a story like this?! Looking forward to read #3… I hope in 2017! – Bertrand Grimmonpré, Brussels – December 2016

A great story playing itself out in Florida – It will delay the reader’s eating and sleeping once started reading “Death is a Challenge”. This book should therefore carry a HEALTH WARNING ! Amazon Reader –, November 2016

Thrilling! A belting page-turner… – Servaas Kamerling, Haacht – May 2016

I am enjoying your book enormously! Cleverly written and by the way, you have a gruesome imagination…, really cool! Oda Huibers, Florida – email April 2016