Who will be next?”Each month, a wheelchair user is brutally murdered, found drugged and bereft of clothes. Deemed a signature killing, every wheelchair user in Flanders is at risk. The clock is ticking to find the perpetrator BEFORE the next month…

Homicide detective Jesse Lacroix has an impeccable record for solving murders, but this crime has him baffled. Other than paralysis, what connects the victims? Why are they left to be discovered in a naked state? For what reasons are Ketamine and Papavarine found in their blood, post-mortem? And what is the meaning of the elaborate staging of each kill?

In a race against time, Lacroix and his team – which include a brilliant nocturnal nerd, a sharp behavioural analyst and a seasoned man of brawn – cover the whole of Flanders in search of the murderer before he, or she strikes again. Not only do they need to stop the spree, but they also wish to understand the warped motivation for targeting the seemingly most vulnerable.

As a well as offering a fast-paced story prompting the reader to turn every page, FAAS KRAMER offers a unique, autobiographic understanding of paraplegia. This exciting suspense story is guaranteed to tickle your imagination, shock your mind and touch your heart.


The tide was definitely rising and his body became increasingly immersed at each rush of the sea. As a child he had enjoyed floating on surf like this, rising with each wave. But now, tied down, he had no such relief. The straps held firm and escape was impossible.

He felt he had been here before. Well, not exactly like this, but the same feeling of helplessness, of dying. 

He thought back to an earlier experience some years ago, and remembered how he’d succumbed to the sensation before being rescued. A new calm came over him and as the beat of the drums in his heart subsided, the boa slid from his neck and he was able to breathe once again. He mustered all the strength he had and starting calling for help. His dry throat brought only feeble cries that became lost in the breeze of the night.

He wished he had the strength in his arms to yank the stakes free from the sand. He wished he could haul his feet upwards and twist free. He wished he had the finesse in his fingers to untie the knots of leather holding his arms to the stakes. He wished he was able to feel the cold water that could numb him before he drowned.

He wished he wasn’t a tetraplegic…


This book is fun reading! The characters are well described, the story is told with speed and passion and there are interesting viewpoints on the handicapped. The sex is overdone, but when it helps sell books, who cares…” – A retired school supervisor who rents a condo for a few months in Venice, Florida every year – email, 16th February 2015. 

“This is not another regular book, nor is it another story on a serial killer. This book is about much more! Unexpected victims killed by unexpected murderer(s) for an unexpected reason resulting in a brilliant plot. The book also gives an extra dimension on the meaning of certain tragic human events in life and how certain individual are driven to callous actions. So I can only commend that you read the book and discover for yourself that this is not another one of the those same books…” – Melis Uygur, Belgium – email, 22nd January 2015

A brilliant read…” – Mark Wright, Spain – Facebook, 8th November  2014

“It’s been a week since I finished “Death comes twice”. And does the author, Faas Kramer, make a chance of winning the Nobel prize for literature? No, but he can write a damn good detective novel. It is his debut in this genre and there is of course still room for improvement. But “Death Comes Twice” grabs your attention from the beginning and never loses his grip for the next 350 pages. You meet interesting characters, discover new places and get dragged into a story full of suspense, strange twists and… I think you better read it yourself. You won’t be disappointed. I hope that in the future we will hear more from Faas Kramer. And I think you will hope the same after reading “Death Comes Twice” – Leo Timmermans, Belgium – Facebook, 16th October  2014

“The time it took to write this review on “Death comes twice” is in complete contradiction to the time it took to read it! A page turner that makes you wonder what comes next, an intriguing ride through the Belgium landscape with side steps and small roads while the main road, though not known yet where it ends, stays visible. Faas Kramer succeeds in creating a great plot that could easily be converted to a movie script. Thorough research combined with passion for Belgium culture, sports and technology lead to a solid and exiting thriller that makes you ask the question: will there be a next one?…. – Edwin Boelens, Netherlands – Facebook, 6th October  2014

A great read. Couldn’t put it down as I wanted to know what would happen next all the way through. Hope there will be another….” Clare Hurst, UK – Amazon, 2nd October 2014

“Well I have just finished “Death Comes Twice” by Faas Kramer. Great read, not a run of the mill thriller, good characters, lots of twists, and tension right to the end. Highly recommended. #DeathComesTwice.” – Chris White, UK – Facebook, 16th September  2014

Well written with original plot – I really enjoyed reading this thrilling story about wheelchair-users getting murdered. It’s well written, interesting and creative, providing insights into not only police work but also into living with a disability as well as nice little facts about Belgium. Recommended to anyone who likes suspense and an original ‘whodunnit’. – Karin Brannstrom, Belgium – Amazon, 9th September  2014

“This is the first book of a talented author, who is able to paint a dramatic picture of murders of severely handicapped people taking place in Belgium. The story captivates the reader with the many aspects of being human, woven into a splendidly told thriller involving the life of disabled people, their success and failure after an accident and how families react to this. It also paints a picture of life in Belgium and its many beers! The manner in which the murders take place and how dogged police work prevents further murders makes one curious of what is going to take place on the next page.” – Servaas Kamerling (sr), Florida (USA) – email, 31st August  2014

“Death comes twice”… “Faas strikes twice” even more than that, he strikes again and again. A real page turner, “whodunit” – and when you think you got it, you are puzzled again by a new twist to the story. Over 300 pages of fun, tension, crime and more. Faas, please give us more of these inventive, spicy and informative thrillers! – Hugo Thiecke, Belgium – Facebook, 4th August 2014

A brilliant book! Sex, suspense, violence, excitement and  recognisable wheelchair ‘stuff’. In one word; Super! – Rene Martens, Netherlands – Facebook, 21st July 2014

Impressive and one of a kind!!! – An unusual, original thriller. Captivating. Intense. But also compassionate. From the first to the last page I wanted to know what was coming next. Even during the day, the book went through my head. An original, deftly constructed story with a well-worked plot. Even now the book is finished I would like to know what comes next. Perhaps in the sequel. Highly recommended and worth every penny…;-)! – Marleen Orband, Belgium – Amazon, 31st July 2014

“Book is a little too long, has many characters and so one can get lost. The erotic part is overdone. But then again, the writer has unmistakable talent! He is an excellent story teller with great fantasy and creativity. Congratulations to the author of his first book! This talent deserves to be coached for further development” – Eileen & Lori, two retired residents of Florida (USA) who are avid readers with former editing/publishing experience – email, 18th July 2014

Very original and entertaining! The story is exciting & horrific and at the same time moving & engaging. It is well written, pacey AND difficult to put down. There are many interesting characters with sufficient depth. I like the fact that that persons with disabilities are portrayed positively, being successful and desirable. The eroticism in the book is functional and tasteful. Highly recommended! – Servaas Kamerling (jr), Belgium – Goodreads, 12th July 2014 

Help, my husband is hooked! He says he can’t sleep until he finishes the book! Amazing, he usually falls asleep when reading his magazines….” – Concerned spouse in the USA – Facebook, 7th July 2014

“This book is awesome, can’t put it down!” – Oda Huibers, USA – Facebook, 3rd July 2014

OMG what a great read, just finished! Your book is thrilling, captivating, educational but most of all…..super! I couldn’t put it down” – Helga Kamerling, Netherlands – Smashwords, 1st July 2014

Captivating, thrilling – you just don’t want to put it down – I haven’t read such a good book in ages. I was drawn in from the beginning: exciting, educational (in the sense of how people with a disability cope….and a lot about Belgium), thrilling. This is a new writer but it seems like he has written all his life, it’s such an easy read…………really: buy it and you won’t be disappointed! – Helga Kamerling, Netherlands – Amazon, 11th June 2014