With the birth of Faas Kramer in 2011, a whole new world opened; one of imagination, desire and horror; an alternate world from a busy profession full of ambition, responsibility and stress. Putting pen to paper provided a welcome, relaxing and creative balance, but a balance that was deemed to be completely disparate.

The disadvantage of a pseudonym is the difficulty to market. Without history and context, a pseudonym is but a shell. The power of writing or the machinery of a publisher can perhaps overcome this, but as a self-creator and self-publisher, this proved to be exponentially difficult.

So who is the real Faas Kramer?

Born in 1966 in the Netherlands, Servaas Kamerling was a middle-child. When he was almost three, the family moved to East Yorkshire in England where father became a reknown glasshouse grower. Optimistic in nature, smart in class, athletic on fields and socially apt, Servaas grew up a fortunate and happy lad.

On 14th July 1981, a week after completing the Lyke Wake Walk, Servaas fell out of a tree and broke his back. T12 and L1 vertebrae were dislodged from the column, severing the spinal cord. He would never walk again.

No Excuses

After seven months of gruelling rehabilitation, Servaas had learned to become independent again. Determined to take life by the horns, Servaas quickly adopted a no excuses attitude. Following his parents separation in 1983, he moved back to the Netherlands where he attained a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Delft.

The completion of two full marathons forced a sports career decision and Servaas chose basketball. His first major championship was the World’s in Melbourne in 1986. His last was in Sydney 1998. His career spanned fourteen years with a Paralympic Gold and Silver to show. Following six years as Marketing Officer for the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) Europe, he received the Honorary Member Award from the Dutch Basketball Association (NBB).

From Manager to President

Servaas worked at Philips for six years before moving to Belgium to work for General Electric, Tyco Electronics/ELO Touch Solutions and then to Carrier (back to the division acquired from GE) in the capacities of international Product Manager, Director and regional President.

Consulting & writing

In 2016 Servaas founded ‘in-Fusion‘, a consulting agency on disability and work. Though a side-activity, Servaas occasionally speaks, offers advisory services and writes blogs.

Servaas had a booklet titled “Wil hij een snoepje..?” (Would he like a sweet…?) published in 2003. This collection of humoristic anecdotes of life in a wheelchair perhaps signified the start of a writing career.

Primarily creating for the enjoyment of others, Servaas also feels compelled to educate and dispel (mis)conceptions on disability. But it is under his pseudonym Faas Kramer when all wicked creativity and sentiments of bigotry are unleashed. Those who know Servaas will recognise various personal experiences and biographical elements in Kramer’s books.

Servaas lives in Haacht, Belgium with his wife and son (born 2001). He works full-time and enjoys being trainer/coach of Leuven Bears on wheels.