Ode to the FC

My appreciation, admiration and love for my favourite football team, Liverpool FC was shared in a blog under my real name, on April 2016 titled, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Now, under my pen-name, I feel compelled to express my enormous pride after becoming Premier League Champions 2020. I wish to do this with a poem:

I am no scouser, I am not even a Brit,
No real connection, not a tiny bit.

So how come I’m red through and through?
‘Plastic’ some would say, and maybe that’s true.

Born in Rotterdam, but raised near Hull,
Choosing a team was throwing a dart to the bull.

Perhaps because they were champs in 1973,
Whatever, my choice became Liverpool FC.

A fanatic follower while growing up,
Enjoying The Reds’ fortunes with every cup.

Listening in bed on late European nights,
Poster-plastered walls always in my sights.

The summer of ’81 brought a fateful day,
Abruptly ending my promising football play.

Wheelchair bound, no longer able to run,
Mum wrote a letter, telling about her son.

McDermott’s shirt signed by my heroes,
Became a bond for life and a lift for my lows.

Today I live in Belgium, with son and wife, Both infected with the Anfield way of life.

Agendas planned for games I wish to see,
If not at Anfield, then the screen it will be.

History; culture; values: All second to none.
And after 30 years, the league is finally won.

Klopp the force behind this newfound glory,
Every CEO/leader should heed for their own story.

Always proud, it’s nice to crow again,
Long may this continue, for a year or ten.

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