My New Years Eve dinner

Around this time of the year you see the odd wish list appearing with well-known guests. I thought I’d give this a bash too and briefly offer my reasons why. In the order of the alphabet (surname), I have selected nine persons which would definitely liven up discussion when all in one room. Perhaps we could have the party on Richard’s island?

Let me know what you think.

Clare Balding – Open & engaging & proponent of diversity & the Paralympics. Plenty to discuss.

Richard Branson – I love his mantra of FUN, RESPECT, COURAGE & FAILURE to help drive success.

Stephen Fry – Intelligent, educated, articulated, opinionated and funny. Topics galore.

Michael Jordan – The greatest sportsman ever. The hunger, the confidence, the trash-talk!

Jurgen Klopp – Visionary and true leader. What he’s done at Liverpool is extraordinary.

Keira Knightly – Stunning, intelligent and witty. Would love to know more about ‘her’ world.

Dara Ó Briain – Brilliantly funny and very smart. And I’m sure he’ll know a few Irish jokes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Perhaps the first representative of true democracy in the US for some time. I wonder what her experiences are?

Barbara slater – BBC shows the world in terms of content, reach & inclusion. What drives them?

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