Secret agents

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

This quote by Ernest Hemingway will resonate with many writers out there. For me this most certainly applies as all I want to do is write, but creative writing that is, not crap to convince the whole world how brilliant my books are.

To be brutally honest, I am not sure how I would rate. I am no literary wonder, nor am I schooled in the art of language. I do not have a team and I do not research my stories for years. Neither do my books contain complex characters or layered psychology. However, one thing I do know is that I spin a darn good yarn.

Though perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, each novel is entertaining and exciting with many readers saying that Faas Kramer stories would make great movies. But what I have found difficult is to cut a story down and shave off the excess. An editor is invaluable to reduce the errors with a fine brush, but someone who can chisel to a sculpture is what may be required. And this is where my lack of understanding and knowledge of the writing industry fails me.

Perhaps romantically, I scoured the Writers & Artists Yearbook 2018 and selected around 20 literary agents to whom I applied with several chapters, a synopsis and my background in the hope my novel could and would appeal. But all of them said ‘no thank you’, with a standard explanation that ‘their portfolio was full’, or that ‘the story does not ‘fit”.

And then doubt starts to creep in. Maybe my work is not good enough. Perhaps I didn’t put enough effort in? Perhaps I should stop all attempts because they are futile. But then again, this doesn’t match the positive reviews I have had. This doesn’t resonate with my gut feel. Despite this literary realm being one big mystery with agents being shadows impossible to grasp, this will not deter me from following my course. Though the consequence seems to be that I’ll have to spend more time doing my own marketing crap, just like this blog. So I hope you bloody well enjoy it…;-)

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