A good review is a wonderful surprise…!

It was Joyce Carol Oates who said, “A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise!”

I am no different. I often check Goodreads, Amazon, Lulu and Bol to see how many copies I’ve sold and to see if there any new reviews. Given the lack of activity my expectations are low, but if I do see something new, I’m over the moon. My ratings average around 4.5 for both published books on the various sites, which of course is fantastic and hugely appreciated! But the problem is that the quantities are so low that they hardly count. Serious listings start above 25, or even 100 ratings.

According to Written Word Media, book reviews simply sell more copies. This is understandable because don’t we all check the IMDB database before we watch a film? Or check the ratings before buying a new TV? 

Consumer-generated ratings have become an expected and influential part of the purchase journey. PowerReviews Research finds that 95% of shoppers consult ratings and reviews while they’re shopping. And 86% consider reviews an essential resource when making a purchase decision. Ratings and reviews rank high among the top factors impacting purchasing decisions, coming in at #2, just behind price. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, two-thirds (66%) of global respondents trust consumer opinions posted online.

Despite me asking my readers to record their mostly overwhelming feedback on one of the selling sites, unfortunately they rarely do. For a large part this is due to the requirement of a login to be able to add comment. I doubt this has little to do with the association of the subject matter, as surely this is no worse than say, Game Of Thrones…?

Then it is ‘just’ a question of effort. If you have read a Faas Kramer, please do make this effort; this will help far more than you may think. And if you have not read my work yet, please do. But then please also write a review and surprise me. I’d be well and truly over the moon…

Thanks a million.


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