“How is your writing coming along..?”

I often get the question; “How is your writing coming along?” to which I’m not sure how to react. Do I answer commercially? – “Well, books sales have stalled. I really should do more Marketing.” Do I answer operationally? – “Well, my third novel is at the editor, but I need to speed up my reviews and implement”. Or do I answer creatively? – “Well, I have ideas for a fourth Faas Kramer thriller, but also for an unrelated story. And I’m working on an autobiography…”

All answers are true, but all deprive me of focus and cause me to think that I should kick myself up the butt. As a paraplegic, the physical act of kicking is difficult to say the least but figuratively perhaps, accurate. There have been circumstances over the last half year that have caused this rut – wife diagnosed with cancer, promotion to director at work and a son working through his finals – but I also think it’s simply an absence of stimuli.

Therefore I have decided to focus on something I have wanted to do for a long time; change my website. The site needs to be responsive so that it can be viewed on any device. It needs to be more modern, made with the latest tools, and it needs to contain easy to add blogs to hopefully incur following and increase engagement.

I hope you like the new site and I hope this will be the catayst to get my juices flowing again. I’m too proud of Faas Kramer to let it wither and rot.

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