Ode to the FC

My appreciation, admiration and love for my favourite football team, Liverpool FC was shared in a blog under my real name, on April 2016 titled, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Now, under my pen-name, I feel compelled to express my enormous pride after becoming Premier League Champions 2020. I wish to do this with a poem: … Continue reading Ode to the FC

These books are no lollipops…!

In the 1934 song by Shirley Temple, the "Good Ship Lollipop" travels to a candy land with the lollipop being a symbol of childhood innocence and pleasure. The Chordettes in 1954, gave the lollipop a different twist by associating a cute guy to appetitive desires... The definition of a lollipop is: “A large, flat, rounded … Continue reading These books are no lollipops…!

Hedge your bets!

We are approaching our fifteenth year in the same house, which is quite amazing given the many places I have lived prior: Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel in the Netherlands where I was born; Keyingham, Thorngumbald and Burstwick in England where I grew up; back in the Netherlands, in Oostvoorne and Zwolle where I finished school and … Continue reading Hedge your bets!

“Sit as little as possible.”

This advice, offered by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche sounds like it came from a medical journal, though it is hardly fitting for a paraplegic like myself. But what he was getting at was that movement aids the thinking. Others, like Immanuel Kant, Henry David Thoreau, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau also theorised while walking. Indeed, literary history … Continue reading “Sit as little as possible.”