The three wise gifts of writing

Three Kings Day is approaching and is celebrated in many hispanic countries in South America and of course, Spain. The feast commemorates the visit of three biblical Magi, referred to as three wise men or three kings. Each brought a gift to honour the birth of Jesus Christ: Gold - a precious metal; frankincense - … Continue reading The three wise gifts of writing

Every cloud has a silver lining!

We tend to look back on 2020 as a year in which it rained and poured. The pandemic shook our world, forcing us to stay home, wear masks and keep distance. As a result, the economic shrink was the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930's, with masses of jobs affected in multiple industries … Continue reading Every cloud has a silver lining!

The eleventh hour

It's my birthday today! What better way to celebrate in these COVID times than to write a blog. 'Wait a minute,' I hear you knowers say. 'Your real birthday, the one of your true self, is on October 25th. Why lay claim and celebrate on 11 November?' The answer is quite simple: Eleven is my … Continue reading The eleventh hour


I believe it was Baron Munchausen that said, "Gadzooks you plagiaries of truth, for twas foreseen by mine own eyes that this world is flat and straddled by two platypus's being ridden by a sea horse..." The absurdity of this quote is terrific, as is as the opening word, expressing surprise and shock. Gadzooks is … Continue reading Gadzooks!